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IHE to restrict subscriptions increase to 2.5% for 2023

  • Thursday September 8, 2022

With the concerning news about increased prices and the unprecedented rises in the rate of inflation, we know many members of the Institute will be very worried about the impact of rising costs, including the costs of subscriptions to the Institute of Highway Engineers.

As members will be aware the setting of subscriptions for the IHE is covered under Clause 30 of the Institute’s Memorandum & Articles which states, “Annual subscriptions shall be increased each year by the annual rate of RPI as published by the Government in September and shall be due and payable from the following 1st of January each year unless varied in General meeting”.

Nevertheless, after very careful consideration it has been agreed that the increase in the cost of subscriptions across all grades of the Institute, with the exception of Associate and Retired/Special members, will be restricted to 2.5% for 2023. It is considered that the application of such a restricted increase will allow the Institute  to remain financially sustainable whilst remaining mindful of the financial challenges individual members may be facing. 

Whilst considering the inflationary pressures in the wider economy and its effects on the most vulnerable, it is also proposed that the Associate and Retired/Special membership bands remain at the current 2022 level.

Membership fees for 2023 will therefore be as follows:

Grade 2023 fees
Affiliate £65.60
Associate £129.00
Member £140.45
Fellow £179.40
Retired/ Special £59.00

In addition to the above, the fees set by the Engineering Council for 2023 will be as detailed. This represents a 5.1% increase compared to 2022.

  2023 Annual Fees 2023 Entry Fees
Category CEng IEng EngTech/ICTTech CEng IEng EngTech/ICTTech
Full 43.85 37.21 21.34 57.02 48.14 19.73
Interim 15.66 15.66 15.66 11.69 11.69 11.69
Reduced 19.83 16.50 9.46


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