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About Us

Our vision is to be the Institute of Choice for Highway Engineers. Our mission is to provide professional development opportunities, support and leadership for individuals to achieve and maintain professional recognition.

  • Learn about the IHE. IHE membership formally recognises your qualifications and industry experience.

  • We believe we have an outstanding team dedicated to prioritising our members’ interests. If you’re seeking a rewarding and engaging career in a fantastic environment, consider starting your journey with us!

  • We’ve been registering engineers and technicians with the Engineering Council since 1972 and accrediting academic courses since 1989. We’re proud of our long history and provide our members with 50 plus years of highways experience.

IHE Membership

Join us and demonstrate your technical skills, qualifications and expertise to clients and employers. We offer membership types for highways professionals at every stage of their career.

Professional Registration

Becoming a professionally registered engineer demonstrates your high standard of competence and commitment. By choosing to register, you set yourself apart as an engineer with high standards and also demonstrate your commitment to maintain that competence in the future.

Academy Training

The IHE Highway Engineering Academy offers industry-led training in highway engineering. Through one of our specialist training courses leading to an industry-recognised Professional Certificate or Diploma, the HEA delivers the qualifications, skills and knowledge demanded by the highways industry which are in short supply today.

Work with us

Professional Development Partnerships are open to Highways Sector businesses, Local Government Authorities, Academic Institutions, Professional Engineering Institutes and other Highways interest based organisations.


We administer the registers for Highway Inspectors and Road Safety Auditors as well as manage our active forums contributed to by highways professionals.

In addition to Engineering Council registration, the IHE is licensed by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, to award Advanced RITTech – the registration for IT Technicians.

Advanced RITTech is a step up from RITTech registration — and a step closer to Chartered IT Professional (CITP). Advanced RITTech will demonstrate that you are dedicated to the IT profession, and can be considered a rising star within the industry.

Advanced RITTech Professional Registration:

Show employers and clients that you’re a trusted tech professional with a bright future ahead   Advanced RITTech registration moves you closer to Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status
Confirm your position in the industry and elevate your profile by appearing on the public register   Advanced RITTech demonstrates to industry that you uphold the highest professional standards
  Supercharge your career potential by independently validating your knowledge and capabilities     Upsize your own professional network and connect with like minds in the RITTech community
  Advanced RITTech is mapped to the SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) framework at level 4. More information on the SFIA framework can be found here:


Is it for me?

To gain BCS professional registration technicians prove their competence and commitment in a professional review of their portfolio submission. Anyone who meets the competence and responsibility standards can become Advanced RITTech – there’s a route to suit all competent technicians.

Advanced RITTech recognises people doing a technical job well whilst demonstrating professional behaviours, attitude and the value they bring. It’s an independent standard of current competence and commitment to quality for those who earn it, the employer they work for and the customer they deliver to.

If you are currently working in IT in a technical role within highway engineering, Advanced RITTech will be the Professional Registration for you. The assessment covers different IT roles that span the whole digital industry, from business analysis, digital marketing, IT service desk to infrastructure, software and network support.

How to apply

The British Computer Society (BCS) will undertake assessment on behalf of the IHE, however the IHE will collect your payment and issue your certificate. 

To being the process of applying for Advanced RITTech Professional Registration please complete the application form in as much detail as possible. To complete the form, you will need to log in to the IHE members area.

There are two routes to apply for Advanced RITTech, accredited and experiential.

Accredited route – this route requires evidence of completion of a BCS accredited qualification within the last 12 months. If your qualification was awarded over 12 months ago you will need to complete the experiential route.

Experiential route – this route requires evidence of your work experience. No qualifications are necessary for this route, accredited or otherwise.

The information you include in your application form is used to assess your application for registration. To assess your application we need to see how your experience relates to the Advanced RITTech criteria.

        CITP/RITTech Flowchart
Advanced RITTech
Guidance Notes
  Log in to access the
application form
How to apply

What does it cost?

One-Off Application Fee – £250 (FREE in 2024)

Annual Registration Subscription – £38.96 (FREE in 2024)

If you are considering going forward for your Professional Review, there’s no better time than now as the IHE are offering free Professional Reviews for any member wishing to undertake them during 2024. All of our fees can be found on our website by clicking here.

The application fee will not be refunded if you withdraw your application or you do not supply enough information for your application to be assessed.


To remain registered RITTech you will need to ‘revalidate’ your competence every three years. After successful revalidation you will be registered for a further three year period.

What are the submission deadlines?

The deadlines for your Professional Review submission can be found here.

Need help?

If you have any questions or are unsure of how to proceed please contact us by emailing


Apply for Advanced RITTech

I’m an IHE Member

If you are an IHE Member, you can log in to the members area to start your application.


I’m not an IHE Member

To apply for Advanced RITTech, you’ll need to become an IHE member.




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IHE membership formally recognises your qualifications and industry experience. Join us and demonstrate your technical skills, qualifications and expertise to clients and employers.