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Benefits of achieving EngTech:

Tangible evidence to your employer and potential employers of your proven competence as a professional technician   Recognition by the worldwide engineering community

Ongoing career progression, as you establish your professional credentials within the industry   The use of the EngTech MIHE post-nominals after your name

Gives you an advantage over those who have no professional registration   An important stepping stone in the process to become IEng for CEng


Who can become an Engineering Technician?

Anyone who meets the competence and responsibility standards can become an Engineering Technician – there’s a route to suit all competent technicians.

EngTech is the most appropriate grade of Professional Registration for practitioners working on the highway on work such as: highway maintenance, temporary traffic management and highway reinstatement including road markings and linings. It is also suitable for highway practitioners working in office based roles such as: CAD technicians, application and administration of Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO’s) and contract administration.

Many will have a BTEC Level 3 (or equivalent) or SCQF Level 6 equivalent qualification. Others will have gained the necessary skills, knowledge and experience through a non-academic route because of their practical experience in the highways industry.

How to apply

To gain Engineering Council registration, engineers and technicians prove their competence and commitment in a Professional Review of their portfolio submission to the IHE.

There is normally no interview for EngTech registration. 

To get started read the guidance document below, fill in the digital application form (members only) and submit to the IHE. 

 EngTech Guidance Notes (.pdf)   Log in to access the
application form


What if my qualifications are not covered in the guidance?

If your qualifications or experience are not covered in the guidance document you may still be suitable to apply for EngTech. You should ask the IHE for an individual Career Assessment. Your documents will then be put to the IHE Academic Standards Panel for consideration by engineering or academic professionals. They will either confirm your eligibility or provide you with feedback and guidance on the best route for you to achieve EngTech registration. 

EngTech Workshops

If you would like more help, support and guidance in making your EngTech submission, the IHE offer EngTech workshops. These specially tailored workshops comprise two parts and offer one to one mentoring by our experienced team of senior reviewers. Each workshop will guide you through the application process so that by the conclusion of the second workshop you should have not only completed your application in full but also submitted your paperwork for review.

To attend these workshops, you will need to commit to 2 full days away from the office, complete a few simple forms about yourself prior to workshop 1, undertake an hour or so preparation activity prior to workshop 2 and carry out assembly of evidence during the 4-week period between the workshop sessions. Further details can be found here.

What does it cost?

One-Off Application Fee – £85 (FREE in 2023)

EngTech Registration Entry Fee – £19.73 (FREE in 2023)

Annual EngTech Registration Subscription – £21.34

If you are considering going forward for your Professional Review, there’s no better time than now as the IHE are offering free Professional Reviews for any member wishing to undertake them during 2023. All of our fees can be found on our website by clicking here.

Please note: The application fee will not be refunded if you withdraw your application or you do not supply enough information for your application to be assessed.

What are the submission deadlines?

The deadlines for your Professional Review submission can be found here.

Need help?

If you have any questions or are unsure of how to proceed please contact us by emailing


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