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IHE pleased to announce the first ICTTech Registrations

  • Wednesday October 20, 2021

The IHE was awarded a license by the Engineering Council in January 2019 to enable the Institute to register ICTTech registrants. The registration is aimed at professional ‘information and communications technology technicians’ (ICTTechs) who work in a variety of environments.

ICTTechs support a range of highway engineering functions, which utilise ICT solutions, and hardware and software components. Examples of functions include, but are not limited to design, development, implementation, installation, operation, problem solving and the security of ICT applications, products, services and/or infrastructures.

ICTTech is the most appropriate grade of professional registration for highway engineering technicians working in a variety of roles within traffic signals, ITS, CAD design and data modelling.

The Institute has been working with a number of prospective candidates over the last eighteen months to assist them in undertaking their professional review to achieve ICTTech registration and  is pleased to announce that two candidates have recently been successful following their professional review.

The two candidates, Katherine Moynihan and Siobhan Fisher, have offered to share their experiences of the process in order to assist those working in the ITS sector of our industry who may also be considering ICTTech registration.

What made you apply for ICTTech?
Katherine: I joined the IHE as an Affiliate Member in 2018 as I found it best reflected my professional interests. Almost all of my local team have been through the EngTech process. While I wanted to pursue the IHE route, the next step for me is completing the IEng and the ICTTech seemed to better align with my day-to-day work. My daily tasks at work include more development control, local junction modelling and data analysis work, therefore the ICTTech felt a good way to get my foot in the door.

Siobhan: I had received positive feedback and recommendations from colleagues and managers at Jacobs regarding the IHE. Several members of my direct team and wider team are affiliated with the IHE Mercia Branch, which I knew would provide me with a solid support system throughout my application. I applied for ICTTech as an alternative to EngTech because it links more to my interests in traffic modelling and signals. Also, the work I undertake regularly as part of my role as a transport planner at Jacobs more closely aligns, which means I could more confidently cover the ICTTech requirements.

What benefits do you and your employer see from being ICTTech registered?
Katherine: Becoming ICTTech registered has benefited my career by allowing me to focus on what I enjoy most about my current position and demonstrate my  commitment to future progression. It has also provided a structured foundation for my next steps towards chartership.

Siobhan: ICTTech registration allows me to use an internationally recognised title and with this I have improved career opportunities. It also provides recognition within the industry that I am competent and committed to my work. Being ICTTech registered grants me access to industry professionals who can provide help and advice. It also offers regular continuous professional development (CPD), training courses and industry-relevant resources and updates. I feel I am benefiting from being ICTTech registered as it shows I am willing and striving to succeed and progress my career. It also means that later on there’s the potential to follow up with IEng and eventually CEng.

How did you find compiling your application and its preparation?
Katherine: Prior to COVID-19 I’d been lucky enough to get out on site with a number of colleagues. This meant I saw a project through from the initial site visit to review signal operation, baseline  reporting, option modelling and the proposed changes being implemented. Answering the ICTTech questions was a useful prompt to sit back and look at the wider processes that affect my work and provide me with a greater perspective. In addition to this, a colleague had recently been through the EngTech process and had encouraged me to maintain logs of all my CPD activity and any particularly interesting or challenging projects I worked on. This allowed me to dedicate my time to answering the questions as opposed to searching for information.

Siobhan: Because several of my colleagues completed EngTech before me, they could give me useful tips for my application. Tips included keeping a diary of projects I worked on, problems I  solved, relevant training and CPD I’ve undertaken, keeping my CV up to date and relevant, and keeping a record of emails and conversations. Knowing this information early on made my application process run much more smoothly as a result. I was fortunate enough to submit my ICTTech application in July, before the Engineering Council published new editions of its standards and professional competence and commitment, which  will go live this month. This is something I will bear in mind for future applications, along with aspects such as updated/superseded national regulatory standards and guidance.

• If you require any further information or advice regarding ICTTech registrations please contact or visit

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