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The JBM – what is it and why is IHE part of it?

  • Wednesday September 22, 2021

There are many, often unseen roles, that IHE takes part in, and one of those is the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM).

The five main professional bodies in the UK registering Civil Engineers – IHE, ICE, IStructE, CIHT, and PWI – make up the JBM, to work and strengthen links with universities and industry to ensure formal educational programmes and workplace programmes are in place to develop the future professional engineers.

There are more than 60 universities in the UK with a range of courses covering all elements of civil engineering registered with the JBM, including MEng 225; BEng (Hons) 277; MSc 495; IEng degree 100; Foundation Degree/HND (as IEng with further learning needed) 140.

IHE members are part of the accreditation panels that carry out detailed and intensive visits to assess and make recommendations of relevant educational programmes. Many of these have, by necessity, been held virtually in 2021. That means that the courses accredited by the JBM will be accepted as meeting the educational requirement for individuals to register as a professional engineers at CEng, IEng and Eng Tech with the UK Engineering Council through license-holding professional bodies such as the IHE. Therefore applicants don’t have to ‘match’ to educational outcomes via the IHE Academic Standards Panel.

The accreditation of degree apprenticeship courses run by colleges and universities is also a developing part of the JBM’s contribution as it opens up another route for IEng applications for highways staff already employed in the sector.

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