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IHE confirms first international academic-professional partnership

  • Tuesday September 19, 2023

The IHE is proud to announce it has signed an academic-professional partnership agreement with its first overseas university.

The agreement with the University of Trinidad and Tobago was signed on 11 May 2023 and following the signing a university spokesperson said: ‘The agreement symbolises a significant milestone in fostering a closer working relationship between the two institutions to enhance support and guidance for students pursuing civil engineering with a specific focus on highways and transportation.

‘This partnership is a major step in strengthening the collaboration between the two institutions and will enhance the quality of education and practice in this field. Students will not only benefit from the guidance and expertise of both organisations but also be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of highways and transportation. The partnership also opens up new opportunities for future co-operation and professional growth for aspiring civil engineers.’

Steve Spender IHE chief executive officer said: ‘The IHE is really pleased to sign this agreement following an approach by the university to offer support for students looking towards their future professional progression. This will be a great opportunity to work with an overseas university who have just obtained their accreditation through the Joint Board of Moderators.’

The Institute is currently working towards assisting UTT in its meet and greet event in September 2023, which will provide an opportunity for us to promote the IHE and encourage students to register for student membership.

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