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Growth and success – the power of PDPs

  • Wednesday July 19, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving highways industry, professional development has become a critical component for both individuals and organisations to stay current and competitive. Recognising the importance of continuous learning, professionals and organisations are increasingly turning to partnerships as a means to enhance their professional development efforts.

On 6 and 7 June the Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) signed two Professional Development Partnership agreements (PDPs). One with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS UK) – the leading association for transport technology – and the other with the Local Government Technical Advisers Group (LGTAG).

Through these partnerships, the IHE is:

  • Leveraging complementary strengths By enabling the pooling of subject matter expertise, training capabilities and access to industry networks, the IHE and its partners can create powerful learning experiences that address skill gaps within our membership.
  • Enhancing learning opportunities PDPs open doors to a broader range of learning opportunities. Collaborative initiatives on joint workshops, seminars, and conferences offer diverse topics and perspectives to our members and provide networking platforms for building relationships with industry experts and like-minded professionals.
  • Expanding horizons through diverse perspectives By collaborating with organisations from different, but similar backgrounds, highways professionals can gain fresh insights and innovative ideas that can reshape their thinking.

Max Sugarman, chief executive of ITS UK, commented: ‘I am very pleased to agree a new partnership with the IHE that will support both our memberships in having access to the latest knowledge and events, support mutual promotion of the two organisations and see collaboration in representing the sector to government. This agreement will be of great value to both memberships, supporting the sector in an everchanging technology landscape.’

Amanda Richards, president of LGTAG, commented: ‘I am really pleased to be signing this Memorandum of Understanding with the IHE at the very beginning of my term as president of LGTAG as it fits in really well with the theme for the year, looking at how we can deal with the skills gap.

‘I am looking forward to a strong relationship with the IHE, which will be built on collaboration between our organisations to support those working across the highways sector.’

PDPs have emerged as a powerful tool for both individual and organisational growth. Whether it’s through joint initiatives, shared events, or collaborative research, these partnerships provide a platform for improved learning and development. As the IHE prepares to navigate the future, the importance of PDPs is becoming increasingly important.

Together, we can unlock new possibilities and pave the way for sustained success in a rapidly changing sector.

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