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DfT publishes Smart Motorway proposals

  • Thursday March 12, 2020

Comment on the proposals from Simon Morgan HonFIHE

“Today on the DfT website is a message from Grant Shapps and a detailed report with 18 proposals for addressing the safety (and the public concern) relating to these roads.

“The main change will be no more dynamic hard shoulders after 2025; i.e. a hard shoulder is always a hard shoulder, and part-time ones will be converted to 24h all-lane running. Other ideas, including better public information and more and better signed refuge areas seem sensible.

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“However, the report doesn’t address the alarming rise in near-miss incidents reported in the media that are apparently related to the change to all-lane running on sections of the M25. This rise may have been more to do with the presence of road works and not the change in lane usage, but it would be nice to know. As well as the better enforcement of ‘Red X’ mentioned in the report, we also need more intelligent information for motorists – such as can you enter a Red X lane if you break down on ALR, rather than stopping in a live lane, and what about a Red X above lane 1 just before a slip road exit (which I have now seen 3 times)?”

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