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British Parking Association highlights the issue of selfish and anti-social parking

  • Monday October 26, 2020

The British Parking Association (BPA) has launched a new campaign (Friday 23rd October) to highlight the issue of selfish and anti-social parking, which is a major frustration for many of the public.

As part of a series of new campaigns under the ‘It’s not OK to park where it’s not OK to park’ banner, the BPA will focus on aspects of poor parking behaviour, highlighting why effective parking management is so important and how it addresses many of the issues that impact negatively on local communities.

Alison Tooze, BPA Membership Development Manager says,

“Our consumer research to better understand perceptions of parking told us that one of the biggest frustrations people have is anti-social and inconsiderate parking. This includes obstructing pavements, on or blocking someone’s driveway, in designated bays they are not eligible to use, or taking up more than one space.  We hope that putting an emphasis on the importance of motorists respecting others, thinking before they park and not behaving selfishly will also help us start a different conversation about the role of the parking sector.”

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