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Are you registered with the CITB? You may be eligible for funding towards leadership development

  • Wednesday April 19, 2023
The National Highway’s Roads Academy has announced that they have been working with their colleagues in CITB to secure funding opportunities for future Roads Academy learners.
If your organisation is CITB-registered, you can now apply to one of the CITB funds to cover the cost of learner(s) in the Academy.
For more information on these funds please refer to the links below and the document attached.
The Roads Academy team is thrilled at the availability of funding opportunities and are committed to supporting your organisation throughout the application process.
Large organisation (over 250 directly-employed staff)

If you’re a Tier 1 supplier registered with the CITB, your organisation might be able to access leadership and management development funding. This can be used to help upskill your current and future leaders and prepare your business for RIS3.

Find out more and check your eligibility here: Leadership and Management Development Fund for Large Businesses – CITB

Medium-sized organisation (between 100-250 directly-employed staff)

The Skills Training Fund for medium-sized construction businesses could help you put your current and future leaders into Roads Academy, the leadership development programme created by National Highways and the supply chain.  

Check your eligibility here: Skills and Training Fund for Medium-sized Businesses – CITB

SME/Micro-sized organisation (up to 99 directly-employed staff)

If you’re an SME registered with CITB, why not see if you can use the Skills and Training Fund to put your leadership onto Roads Academy, the leadership development programme for the supply chain. 

More details can be found here: Skills and Training Fund for Small and Micro-sized Businesses – CITB

More information on the Roads Academy can be found here:

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