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Our vision is to be the Institute of Choice for Highway Engineers. Our mission is to provide professional development opportunities, support and leadership for individuals to achieve and maintain professional recognition.

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  • We’ve been registering engineers and technicians with the Engineering Council since 1972 and accrediting academic courses since 1989. We’re proud of our long history and provide our members with 50 plus years of highways experience.

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Becoming a professionally registered engineer demonstrates your high standard of competence and commitment. By choosing to register, you set yourself apart as an engineer with high standards and also demonstrate your commitment to maintain that competence in the future.

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The IHE Highway Engineering Academy offers industry-led training in highway engineering. Through one of our specialist training courses leading to an industry-recognised Professional Certificate or Diploma, the HEA delivers the qualifications, skills and knowledge demanded by the highways industry which are in short supply today.

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Professional Development Partnerships are open to Highways Sector businesses, Local Government Authorities, Academic Institutions, Professional Engineering Institutes and other Highways interest based organisations.


We administer the registers for Highway Inspectors and Road Safety Auditors as well as manage our active forums contributed to by highways professionals.


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A message from Gordon Brown, IHE Scottish Branch chairman

  • Wednesday October 16, 2019

The past year has continued to be very active for the Scottish Branch. There were interesting technical evenings throughout the period and the branch would be grateful if all members could provide their thoughts and opinions with regard to future topics or areas of interest.

We are looking for issues within the industry that would be, firstly, beneficial to learn more about and secondly would be of interest to members and help increase attendance.

Any information provided will be considered by the committee with a view to delivering evening seminars that will continue to benefit members.

Could members submit their thoughts or provide information/comments on how the Branch could improve the delivery of evening seminars to the Scottish Branch email address

I would like to take this opportunity to thank members for their support in attending the evening seminars and presentations and look forward to meeting everyone again at the programme of events for next year.

Gordon Brown
IHE Scottish Branch Chairman

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IHE membership formally recognises your qualifications and industry experience. Join us and demonstrate your technical skills, qualifications and expertise to clients and employers.