Approved Highway Engineering Academy Training

As part of the IHE Highway Engineering Academy, the IHE approves training providers, short courses and training days of a day or more in highway engineering, construction and transportation.

These courses are delivered independent of the IHE through our Highway Engineering Academy Training Partners in industry that have met the IHE’s requirements as providing quality CPD material.

Approved Highway Engineering Academy Training must have:

  • Clearly defined objectives based on known client needs.
  • A structured approach to effective evaluation.
  • Quality Management procedures.
  • Monitoring systems.

Courses can use the words “IHE approved CPD” on publicity and attendance certificates. This gives delegates, employers and clients the reassurance your training has been assessed by industry specialists and meets the needs of the highways engineering sector.

To apply for approval, you will need to make a formal submission to the IHE and complete the application form below. The supporting guidance document gives more advice on what we’re looking for.

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