Winter Services Decision Makers

IHE’s Professional Certificate in Winter Services was developed in partnership with the National Winter Services Research Group (NWSRG) and accredits your competence in this specialist field.

It‘s open to all highways practitioners, and you don’t need to be an IHE member, have specific academic qualifications or need to complete a training course to apply.

Learning is assessed by examination, scenario training and assignments to ensure that successful candidates have fully developed the necessary skills to be able to make the most informed decisions in winter situations.

You’ll be asked to prove that you meet the standards of competence to gain the certificate, this includes demonstrating the following requirements:

  • An understanding of the legal requirement of winter services, including interpreting and applying the legal aspects and principles of service provision.
  • Describing the relevance of maintaining records of decision making and activities and presenting evidence of such records in FOI requests and liability claims.
  • Identifying methods of weather forecasting relating to winter services, interpreting forecast information and explaining how these affect road conditions.
  • Describing decision making tools, interpreting information received and demonstrating application in practical situations.
  • Recognising changes in road weather information, interpreting data and selecting/ apply appropriate response to varying situations.
  • Describing the appropriate plant and equipment, explain measurement, calibration and operating processed and illustrate correct use.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of snow clearance, both strategically and through implementation.
  • Describing the various methods of communication of winter information and advice to the public and others, showing examples and demonstrating their effectiveness.

You’ll need to submit an experience report and compile a portfolio of your work matched to the winter highway maintenance standards of competence, and present your work at an interview with two assessors.

The IHE offers a comprehensive four day course for Winter Services decision makers and managers. A discount is available for IHE members.


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