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PACTS to run competition to encourage the development of mobile evidential breath testing instruments

  • Monday June 11, 2018

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has been awarded a grant by the Secretary of State for Transport to run a competition to encourage the development of mobile evidential breath testing instruments (MEBTI) which meet Home Office type approval requirements.

Up to £350,000 will be available to encourage manufacturers in this sector to invest in devices which meet the UK standard.

Currently, when a driver provides a positive alcohol screening test by the roadside, the police are required to take the driver back to the police station to obtain an evidential sample.  The Government, in its 2011 Strategic Framework for Road Safety, committed to obtaining type approval for roadside evidential equipment. The Home Office Type Approval Standard, which these devices must meet, is the most demanding standard in the world, to ensure a high-level of accuracy and reliability that will stand up to legal challenge and the operational needs of the police. Until now, manufacturers have not invested sufficiently in devices which meet this standard. This competition will be designed to incentivise them to do so.

The competition aims to result in one or more type approved devices which can be operated by police forces throughout the UK by July 2020. It will involve three stages with money awarded to one or more manufacturers at each stage.

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