Accident investigation

Bridges & structures






  • The Cycle Proofing Working Group: advises the Department for Transport, public bodies, government departments and devolved agencies on cycle proofing policy.
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Design and construction

Development control/estates

DLO/ works

Highways engineering

Highway Liability

  • Well Managed Highway Liability Risk Guidance Document: this guide seeks to provide further insight and advice on the risk and evidence-based approach to service delivery and the effective management of highway liability risk exposures
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Highways structures

Regeneration and development improvements



  • APPG Highways Maintenance Report: managing a valuable asset.
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Minor works


  • IHE Guidelines for Motorcycling:  guidelines for highways engineers and road safety professionals to encourage greater awareness of the needs of powered two-wheelers and effective interventions to improve safety.
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Municipal engineering

Network management



  • Space to Park Report 2014: report produced as part of the Space to Park research project.
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Private street works

Project management and administration

Road safety, AIP

  • Road Safety Foundation Eurorap 2013: measuring to manage – tracking the safety of Britain’s major road network.
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  • Road Safety Audit: HD19 factsheet
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Shared Space

  • Accidents by Design: The Holmes report on ‘shared space’ in the UK
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  • Unity Law Shared Spaces Report: blurred lines
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  • Homezones gudelines:  improving the quality of life of residents by removing the traffic barriers that militate against neighbourliness.
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  • Access for Blind People in Towns NFBUK publication 2013: This short document provides the information referred to in the DfT Local Transport Note 1/11 Shared Space and Manual for Streets
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Street works


Traffic control

Traffic engineering and management

  • Transport Resilience Review July 2014: A review of the resilience of the transport network to extreme weather events.
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Traffic signs

  • Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD)
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  • 2015 TSRGD Consultation:  IHE response
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  • Sign Structure guidelines: updated for passive safety and Eurocodes
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Transport planning

Waste & drainage

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