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President’s Blog

TonyKirbyThe IHE President blogs monthly to share his views on industry developments and to keep members updated on what’s happening at the IHE.

Tony is Director of Local Transport Projects Ltd, a traffic engineering / transport planning practice based in Beverley, East Yorkshire. He has served on Council since June 2008 and has held the Portfolio Holder for Recruitment and Member Services since 2011. Tony gained an MSc in European Traffic & Transportation in 2004.  All views are his own.

Blog Disclaimer

This blog is moderated. By posting a comment you agree to abide by our house rules and inappropriate statements will be removed. The IHE will not be held liable for any injury resulting from such statements.

    Read the IHE President’s round up of the last 12 months

    June 11, 2017

    Dear IHE Members & Highway Professionals,

    This month’s AGM will represent the midway point of my presidency. The first 12 months were certainly eventful, and I’ve particularly enjoyed the travelling and meeting some very interesting people. It’s been a real pleasure combining the Presidency with my day to day role with Local Transport Projects Ltd where I am a Director.

    I’m delighted to report that the Institute is in great health and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a number of ongoing initiatives.

    Earlier this month, I’m pleased to report that the IHE left our previous home in Russell Square and moved to new offices in Euston Tower. This represents many new opportunities for us and provides staff and visitors with a completely new outlook. The new office reflects really well on where we want to be as an Institute and I would urge members to visit when you can and take advantage of the new facilities, it really is a great place to work and meet.

    In April we launched updated guidance on Risk and Liability within the highways sector. Following on from the publication of the UK Roads Liaison Group document “Well Maintained Highway Infrastructure” in October last year, this guide seeks to provide further insight and advice on the risk and evidence-based approach to service delivery, and the effective management of highway liability risk exposures. The IHE are running a Risk and Liability Guidance Seminar in Oxford on 22 June which I’m sure you would find useful.

    With membership continuing to grow, The IHE is seeing record numbers of professionally qualified Engineers and Technicians, and our recent experiential route to Chartered Engineer status has proved to be a great success.

    We have also renewed our support for professional registration and are committed to clearer routes to CEng, IEng and EngTech. Our revised guidance for CEng and IEng have been really well received and well worth a look for those who are interested in the next stage of professional recognition. The respose to our Eng Tech workshops has been amazing and offer employers the opportunity to help groups of staff become professionally qualified with the support of a peer group within their own workplace.

    The IHE also continues to develop and promote our range of Professional Certificates and Diplomas to those working within the highways sector. They are increasingly popular and represent a mark of competence within a range of highways disciplines, with many already becoming the industry standard within that field. Look out for a new Highway Design PC which will be available this year and the autumn Cycling Infrastructure PC where you will learn the latest innovative best practice within the UK.

    We are also working very hard to improve the Members experience and the new database offers a much more interactive and user friendly experience. Please let us know what you think and take the time to make sure that your own profile has up to date details.

    We will shortly be launching the new Highways Card which will be free to all members who want one. It is hoped that the card will represent the industry mark of competence for highway professionals. There will be two types of card, one for Highway Engineers (those registered with the Engineering Council at CEng and IEng level), and one for Highway Engineering Practitioner for all other members. The cards will have a photo and carry any post nominals and qualifications.

    I look forward to seeing those who can attend the AGM on 22 June.

    Very best wishes!

    Tony Kirby, IHE President

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Past blogs 2017

  • Read the IHE President’s round up of the last 12 months

    This month’s AGM will represent the midway point of my presidency. The first 12 months were certainly eventful, and I’ve particularly enjoyed the travelling and meeting some very interesting people. It’s been a real pleasure combining the Presidency with my day to day role with Local Transport Projects Ltd where I am a Director.

  • February 21, 2017

    Forgotten Two Wheelers

    As we have all seen, the humble bicycle has enjoyed somewhat of a welcome renaissance in recent years with some impressive infrastructure being delivered. However, the same cannot be said of the powered two-wheeler, which is sometimes seen as the poor relation in the transport planning and highway engineering sectors.

  • January 24, 2017

    Happy New Year to IHE Members and Highway Professionals

    Read the Happy New Year message from the IHE President.

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