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Our vision is to be the Institute of Choice for Highway Engineers. Our mission is to provide professional development opportunities, support and leadership for individuals to achieve and maintain professional recognition.

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  • We’ve been registering engineers and technicians with the Engineering Council since 1972 and accrediting academic courses since 1989. We’re proud of our long history and provide our members with 50 plus years of highways experience.

IHE Membership

Join us and demonstrate your technical skills, qualifications and expertise to clients and employers. We offer membership types for highways professionals at every stage of their career.

Professional Registration

Becoming a professionally registered engineer demonstrates your high standard of competence and commitment. By choosing to register, you set yourself apart as an engineer with high standards and also demonstrate your commitment to maintain that competence in the future.

Academy Training

The IHE Highway Engineering Academy offers industry-led training in highway engineering. Through one of our specialist training courses leading to an industry-recognised Professional Certificate or Diploma, the HEA delivers the qualifications, skills and knowledge demanded by the highways industry which are in short supply today.

Work with us

Professional Development Partnerships are open to Highways Sector businesses, Local Government Authorities, Academic Institutions, Professional Engineering Institutes and other Highways interest based organisations.


We administer the registers for Highway Inspectors and Road Safety Auditors as well as manage our active forums contributed to by highways professionals.

Welcome to IHE Middle East Branch

We are super excited to share that the IHE UK has recognised Middle East as an emerging market for cutting edge Highway Engineering.


IHE Members may view our complete core committee on the group page in the members only section of the IHE website.

IHE Middle East regularly arranges CPD events online for all who are interested in upscaling their technical expertise and knowledge. For joining IHE please send us an email at

Please consider keeping your email ID in the IHE members area up to date so we can keep you informed of news and events.

Middle East Branch History

IHE Middle East is the only official branch of IHE outside EUROPE which was founded in 2017 when a group of like minded individuals who were IHE members in Qatar sat together and discussed the need for IHE’s local presence in the Middle East. The vision of this newly formed branch was to provide guidance and assistance to all aspirants of earning a professional qualification such as CEng or IEng within the Middle East through the Engineering Council UK. The following were the founding members of IHE ME.

1. Ali El Jaber CEng. FIHE
2. Pankaj Saini CEng. FIHE
3. Syed Khaled Mahmood, FIHE
4. Mian Irfan Ahmed, MIHE
5. Muhammad Usman Sheikh, MIHE

What do we offer?

The Middle East Branch of IHE supports the highways and transport professionals with the following free of charge services.

1. Technical Webinars with CPD Credits
2. Guidance to Highway professionals for Obtaining Qualifications through E.C. UK
3. Access to IHE HQ paid technical courses for Obtaining professional qualification through further learning route.
4. Technical Research Conferences
5. Professional Development Partnerships with Universities, consulting engineers and contractors.


The 2nd AGM of the IHE Middle East Branch took place on Wednesday 4th October 2023. 
The 1st AGM of the IHE Middle East Branch took place on Thursday 25th August 2022.

Middle East Branch Webinars

  • Evaluating rutting resistance asphalt mixes using simple performance tests – Apr 24
  • An overview of the Highway Capacity Manual 7th Edition – Feb 24
  • Road crash statistical modelling approaches – what could go wrong? – Jan 24
  • Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) adaptation and experience for hot climate countries of the MENA region – Dec 23
  • Road Asset Management – Current best practices and future developments – Nov 23
  • Mode choice preferences of urban population – Oct 23
  • Introduction to the Road Safety Audit – Aug 23
  • Towards resilient pavement structures – Jul 23
  • Low Volume Rural Roads-A Life line for Rural Communities – Jun 23
  • Data exchange as an essential part of the connected vehicle development – May 23
  • Traffic Signal Coordination Principles and Development – An International Perspective Apr 23
  • Comprehensive arterial traffic control for fully automated and connected vehicles Mar 23
  • Mobility and Cities – Policies and Practice Feb 23
  • Real time modulus mapping of pavement foundation layers Jan 23
  • The impact of climate change on hot rolled asphalt surfacing Oct 22
  • Improvement in the performance of asphalt mixture using plastic waste from fiber Aug 22
  • Balanced Mix Design of Asphalt Mixtures using Surrogate Test Methods Jun 22
  • Reaction Time in Car Following May 22
  • Sustainability in Highway Construction Apr 22
  • Road Safety Barriers – Design and its Principles Mar 22
  • Transport Demand Management (The Way Forward) Jul 21
  • Attaining qualifications from Engineering Council UK via IHE Apr 21
  • Future travel demand estimation using limited data Mar 21
  • A formal project plan – a key to project success Feb 21
  • The benefits of working in an integrated highways design environment Jan 21
  • Urban mobility in pandemics Dec 20

IHE members can view the webinars on demand here. (You will need to log in).

Middle East Branch Committee

Vishal Rayapudi

Sathish Babu Thillaippan
Vice Chair

Muhammad Sheikh
Secretary/Honorary Treasurer

Gopikrishna Narla
Core Committee Member

News Corner

November 2023

This is with reference to the 2nd AGM of Middle East Branch which was held last month on 4th October 2023. Please refer to the details below for the decisions taken and way forward.
1. During the meeting it was announced that all office bearers will be leaving their positions as per IHE bye laws and will offer the committee members if they wish to take up any empty positions. 
2. Adequate time was granted to committee members to submit their nomination if they are interested in taking up any position within the branch. 
3. We did not receive any nomination during this period and henceforth the positions were offered back to the retiring office bearers who gladly accepted the role back with one change.
4. Usman Sheikh was an honorary treasurer of the branch in the past year and have taken up an additional role of Hon. Secretary of the branch. The remaining office bearers are all same. 
The following details covers the list of Active and Non Active Core Committee Members of the Branch and the revised Office Bearers in line with the aforementioned decisions.
Office Bearers and Active committee Members:
1. Vishal Rayapudi – Chair IHE ME
2. Sathishbabu – Vice Chair IHE ME
3. Usman Sheikh – Hon. Secretary/Treasurer
4. Khaja Ehtesham – Committee Member
Non Active Committee Members
5. Syed Khalid Mahmood – IHE Council Member – Committee Member  
6. Shyam Kumar Sundaramani – Committee Member 
7. Mian Irfan – Committee Member
9. Al El Jabr – Committee Member

March 2021

Middle East Branch Vice Chair interviewed by the Highways Magazine

After the exciting news about the launch of a new international branch of the Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE), covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Dominic Browne speaks to its vice-chairman, Khalid Mahmood (left), about connecting the world of highways, and the key priorities in his part of the world

Click here to read the interview




April 2020

– During the current COVID-19 crisis, most of us are limited to their homes and are practicing social distancing. We take this opportunity to connect through social media with highway engineers across the middle east and invite them to join the IHE, through IHE-ME.

-This week, in terms of memberships, we have crossed the 50 mark and are fast growing in numbers. In addition to Qatar, we have reached out to our fellow highway engineers in UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman and the responses are promising.

– IHE has recently launched a weekly step by step guideline to get professionally registered. Let’s try to benefit from this program spread over 6 weeks, as our first steps in the direction of professional recognition, a hallmark of competence, demonstrated at a global platform.

– Here in Doha, in view of the COVID-19 and in compliance with the national and international advisories, we have suspended our IHE-ME meetings till further notice. However, we remain committed during this period to keep working as much as possible to further the cause of IHE-ME in supporting and facilitating the professional development of the highway engineers in the middle east.

I wish you and your families stay safe as we collectively defeat Corona virus in the hope of a better tomorrow.

Syed Khalid Mahmood
Vice Chair, IHE-ME


March 2020

-Rebranding of the middle east branch is followed by a restructuring of the Core Committee of IHE-ME as follows:
Chair – Ali El Jaber
Vice Chair – Pankaj Saini
Vice Chair – Syed Khalid Mahmood
Hon. Secretary – Mian Irfan
Hon. Treasurer – Muhammad Usman Sheikh

-The current focus of IHE-ME is to reach out across the Middle East, specifically the GCC region, to strengthen its membership base. Highway engineers, who reside in a GCC-member country and who fulfil the IHE membership criteria are welcomed to utilize the special membership discount offered by IHE-UK for 2020. We need you to join hands with us in reaching out to fellow highway engineers in the GCC to broaden our membership base. For more information on the membership discount, please contact IHE-ME on its official email id: MIDDLE_EAST@THEIHE.ORG

-In view of the recent spread of COVID-19 in the Middle East, we have postponed the IHE-ME inauguration event planned in Doha, Qatar, with the consent of IHE-UK. A new date for the inauguration event shall be decided in the future, based on the regional situation and availability of the IHE-UK leadership and posted on the IHE-ME website.

-Planning is underway for organizing a schedule of CPD events/trainings to be initiated in Doha, Qatar. The final schedule will be posted on the website, when available.

We at IHE-ME are determined to facilitate highway engineers in the GCC in professional development through events, training and advice on professional registrations etc and need your strong support to make this happen.

Syed Khalid Mahmood
Vice Chair, IHE-ME

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