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Chairmen, Association of Highway Technicians

1965-1972 H.S (Bill) Taylor, CEng

Chairmen, Highway and Traffic Technician Association

1972-1975 Ian Mackereth
1975-1977 Norman Blackmore
1977-1978 Albert Stringer
1978-1980 Stephen Chandler
1980-1982 Vivian Waters
1982-1984 John Harris
1984-1986 Alf Kendrick
1986-1988 Chris Hext

Presidents, Institute of Highway Engineers

1988-1990 Kevin Walsh
1990-1992 Alan Newman
1992-1994 Richard Attwood
1994-1996 Peter Dipper
1996-1998 Stuart Dungworth
1998-2000 Kevin Lilley
2000-2002 Stephen Palmer
2002-2004 Ian Bradfield
2004-2006 Gerry Harvey
2006-2008 Susan Broadaway
2008-2010 Anthony Sharp
2010-2012 Steven Spender
2012-2014 Richard Hayes
2014-2016 John Nightingale
2016-2018 Tony Kirby
2018-2020 Jonathan Pearson
2020-2022 Stephen Webb

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