Parliament House celebratory event

The Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) marked its 50th anniversary with a celebratory event at Parliament House on June 10.

IHE President John Nightingale presented Honorary Fellowships to individuals who had made outstanding personal and professional contributions to the highways industry. Also recognised were current members who had made a significant contribution to the profession or the Institute. He said:

ʺThe IHE has taken our fiftieth year as an opportunity to recognise not just significant contributors within our ranks but to invite a select group of high achievers to join us.

ʺWe do this in the hope that opportunities will arise for us to work more closely with them, to support them in their endeavours and in the hope that they will use their post nominals with pride.ʺ

IHE Honorary Fellowships were awarded to:

  • Professor Margaret Bell is currently Science City Professor of Transport at Newcastle University where she continues to be a leading contributor to the science and technology of Traffic Signals and the Environment, she has a significant portfolio of research and innovation and is an internationally recognised expert in her fields.
  • Professor Peter Jones is also a leading academic and currently sits a Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development at University College London. Amongst his notable duties he is a member of the Independent Transport Commission, the London Roads Task Force, and Chair of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers Transport Geography Research Group.
  • John Dales is a traffic engineer, transport planner and urban designer with 27 years’ experience. He’s well known as a champion of better streets, being responsible for Urban Initiatives’ Movement + Streets portfolio and now Director of the Urban Movement team.
  • Steve Spender was President of the IHE 2000 to 2012. Steve had a particularly difficult start to his Presidency taking over in the depths of a recession with particularly challenging finances. It was Steve’s primary responsibility to get the Institute onto a steady and sustainable path, a challenge that he rose to and was triumphant.
  • Ginny Clarke was appointed to the Board of the Highways Agency in 2001. She is responsible for Technical Services, Procurement, Network Performance and Planning, Communications and Customer Relations. She has carried this role over into the newly created Highways England.
  • Wayne Duerden is currently Head of the Traffic Engineering Policy at the Department for Transport and leads a team developing policy, regulatory frameworks and technical advice for traffic management, traffic signs, traffic signals and street design. He has extensive experience of traffic management and takes a keen interest in streetscape issues.
  • Tony Sharp was IHE President from 1998 to 2000. He is best known in the IHE for his work on the Mortorcycling Guidelines which remain an important resource for engineers and continues to be an excellent ambassador for the IHE.
  • Graham Hanson is head of Traffic Signs Policy at the DfT and has a history of working with the IHE in promoting better understanding of road signs and again in consulting on the proposed changes to the TSRGD.
  • Andy Dixon has been a key player in organising and delivering the Annual Traffic Signals Training Course and remains an excellent ambassador for the IHE.
  • Baroness Scott was a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Suffolk from 1991 to 2005 where amongst other duties she was a member of think tank: the Commission for Integrated Transport

Mr. Nightingale also conferred special awards in recognition of IHE members who had made an outstanding contribution to the IHE. These were awarded to:

  • Colin Subryan: for his work on the Communications Portfolio
  • Gafoor Din: for his contribution to the Signals TCUG
  • Nick Stillwell: a senior reviewer who continues to give of his time selflessly
  • Simon Morgan: for his work on traffic signs
  • Glynn Evans
  • Alan Newman
  • Bob Leonard
  • Stephen Palmer

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nightingale said the IHE had gone from strength to strength.

ʺMembership of the Institute is not only growing but thriving, course and seminar attendances are more than recovered from the low point in the depths of the recession, and our course and seminar offer continues to grow and gain increasing significance to to industry and government bodies.

ʺIHE‘s profile across the industry, government and media has never been as healthy. We also have the support of an important selection of high profile corporate partners: Aecom, Buchanan Computing, DBI, JCT Consultancy, Keysoft Solutions, Local Transport Projects, NAL, Sanderson Associates, Siemens and WJ Group.ʺ

Baroness Scott x 350px

Baroness Scott

Margaret Bell x 350px

Professor Margaret Bell and IHE President John Nightingale

Peter Jones x 350px

Professor Peter Jones and IHE President John Nightingale

John Dales x 350px

John Dales and IHE President John Nightingale

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IHE 50th Anniversary Award Winners

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