IHE Honorary Fellow, Ginny Clarke

Ginny Clark thumbnailIHE Honorary Fellow, Ginny Clarke is the Strategy and planning director for the newly formed Highways England a role in which she is chief highway engineer.

Ms. Clarke tells us a bit about her background and shares her views on the industry.

How or why did you choose to get involved in this specialist area?

I was looking for an interesting degree course to do with science and maths subjects and took and engineering science degree. During this course I undertook two spells of site experience on the construction of the Humber Bridge. This convinced me that I wanted to work in the transport sector and I trained as an engineer with West Midlands County Council where I had a wide ranging training programme in highways engineering and services.

What is the biggest or most significant change that you’ve seen in your field over the course of your career? 

The biggest change is the emphasis on making engineers think more broadly about what and why they are doing things. It has made engineers think much more about the community and customers for whom they are providing their services.

If you could give one piece of advice to young engineers starting out in transport and highways, what would it be?

Be ambitious about what you can achieve and challenge the way in which things are done.

 What was your reaction to receiving an Honorary IHE Fellowship?

I was very pleased to be receiving an Honorary IHE Fellowship. I It is important that professional bodies reflect the wide range of engineers and I am pleased that I have been chosen by IHE.

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