IHE Council

IHE Officers 2018/2019

  • President: Jonathan Pearson CEng FIHE

  • Senior Vice President: Stephen Webb IEng FIHE

  • Junior Vice President: Martin Polland CEng FIHE

  • Past President: Tony Kirby IEng FIHE

  • Honorary Treasurer: Ellie Gormley IEng FIHE

IHE Executive Board

  • Jonathan Pearson, Ringway Jacobs (Chair)

  • Gafoor Din, Warwickshire County Council

  • Peter Dipper, Cinclus Training and Engineering

  • Ellie Gormley

  • Richard Hayes, IHE

  • Tony Kirby, Local Transport Projects

  • Martin Polland, South Lanarkshire Council

  • Carl Skelton, East Riding of Yorkshire

  • Colin Subryan

  • Stephen Webb, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

IHE Ordinary Members

  • Simon Bennett

  • Chris Bowley

  • Gafoor Din

  • Peter Dipper

  • Nick Newton

  • Carl Skelton

  • Colin Subryan

  • Lee Sydenham

  • Diane Ware

IHE Nominated Members

  • Jobert Fermilan

  • Richard Fitter

  • Mark Youngman

  • Gary Mallin

IHE Regional Members

  • Dorothy Reid

  • Gary Neill

IHE Student Member

  • Sarah-Jane Imrie

  • Oliver Appleby

Co-opted Members to Recruitment & Member Services Portfolio Group

  • Ed Ashworth

  • James Houghton

IHE Engineering Council Representatives

  • Simon Bennett

  • Peter Dipper

  • Brian Sefton-Smith

IHE Honorary Fellows

  • Margaret Bell HonFIHE is currently Science City Professor of Transport at Newcastle University where she continues to be a leading contributor to the science and technology of Traffic Signals and the Environment.

  • Nich Brown HonFIHE Co-author, IHE Motorcycle Guidelines, Non Director of MAG.

  • Malcolm Bulpitt FCIHT HonFIHE SORSA Traffic calming and RSA specialist.

  • John Byron CEng MIET HonFIHE Helped start the Traffic Signal Control course.

  • Stephen Chandler IEng MICE HonFIHE Honorary Treasurer 1982-2008.

  • Ginny Clarke HonFIHE is the Strategy and Planning Director for the newly formed Highways England a role in which she is chief highway engineer.  

  • John Dales HonFIHE is a traffic engineer, transport planner and urban designer with 27 years experience who champions better streets, being responsible for Urban Initiatives’ Movement + Streets portfolio and is Director of the Urban Movement team.

  • Peter Dipper IEng HonFIHE Outstanding service to the Institute.

  • Andy Dixon HonFIHE has been a key player in organising and delivering the Annual Traffic Signals Training Course and remains an excellent ambassador for the IHE.

  • Wayne Duerden HonFIHE is currently Head of the Traffic Engineering Policy at the Department for Transport and leads a team developing policy, regulatory frameworks and technical advice.

  • Peter Etheridge CFIHT HonFIHE Supporter of IHE Southern Branch.

  • Jeff Farrington CEng HonFIHE Asphalt specialist and IHE course tutor.

  • Graham Hanson HonFIHE is head of Traffic Signs Policy at the DfT and has a history of working with the IHE in promoting better understanding of road signs and  consulting on proposed changes to the TSRGD.

  • Professor Peter Jones HonFIHE is a leading academic and currently sits a Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development at University College London. He is a member of the Independent Transport Commission, and the London Roads Task Force, among others.

  • Phil Jones CEng MICE HonFIHE Editor, IHE Home Zones Guidelines.

  • Bob Leonard IEng HonFIHE Outstanding service to the Institute.

  • Simon Morgan CEng MICE HonFIHE Chair of Traffic Signs Panel.

  • Alan Newman IEng HonFIHE Past President Outstanding service to the Institute.

  • John Nightingale CEng HonFIHE Past President Outstanding service to the Institute.

  • Stephen Palmer IEng HonFIHE Past President Outstanding service to the Institute.

  • Len Parker CEng MICE HonFIHE Long standing supporter of IHE and CIHT.

  • Baroness Scott HonFIHE was a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Suffolk from 1991 to 2005 where amongst other duties she was a member of think tank:  the Commission for Integrated Transport.

  • Tony Sharp IEng HonFIHE MIHT was IHE President from 1998 to 2000, and took a lead role in developing the Motorcycling Guidelines which remain an important resource for engineers.

  • Steve Spender IEng HonFIHE was President of the IHE 2000 to 2012 taking over in the depths of a recession with particularly challenging finances. He was vital to steering the Institute onto a steady and sustainable path.

  • Anthony Suter MIHT HonFIHE Outstanding service to the Southern Branch.

  • Richard Wills HonFIHE

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