Membership and fees

How long does it take to process a membership application?

IHE aims to deal with membership applications within six weeks. In some cases, for example if you’re a new member or applying for member or fellow grades, we may need to refer your application to our Membership and Qualifications Committee which meets in February, April, June, August, October and December each year. We’ll send you an election letter to notify you of the grade decision around two  weeks after the committee has met.

Who can sign my application form to join the IHE?

If you can’t find a local IHE member to sign your form, a corporate member of ICE or IHT who knows your work can sign.

What’s the next submission deadline for IHE membership?

Membership applications are accepted continually throughout the year.

When are IHE’s annual subscription fees due?

IHE’s annual fees are due on 1st January each year.  

I live or work overseas. How can I pay my annual subscription?

You’ll need to login to the members only section by clicking the ‘padlock’ icon at the top of the IHE homepage.  Once there, please click ‘Pay your fees’ and enter your credit card details.

Existing members

How do I login to the ‘Members’ Area’?

Simply click on the padlock icon on the IHE homepage. You’ll need your username and password to login, once you’re an IHE member you’ll receive these in the post.

What can I do in the Members area?

You can login to the ʽmembers areaʽ of the IHE website and manage your CPD online.  It’s easy to log activity, create plans, measure and track your progress against and generate reports of professional development that you can update, print and send for online review and comments.  While you’re there, you can also update your contact details, pay your subscription fees and check out what’s  happening at your local branch.  

I’m an existing IHE member, can I transfer to another IHE grade?

Yes.  Existing members can apply to transfer to another grade with the relevant experience. No review is necessary. You’ll need to fill out a transfer and subscription payment form.   If your application is approved, you’ll be required to pay the difference in fees to bring your subscription up to the higher grade rate.

I’m an IHE member and I’d like to change grades. What fees do I pay?

Existing members can apply to transfer from one IHE grade to another. If your application is approved, you’ll be required to pay the difference in fees to bring your subscription up to the higher grade rate. View fees

Professional review

Is there a fee for the professional review process?

Yes. IHE members are required to pay professional review fees when they submit their portfolio.  If you’re successfully awarded professional registration with the Engineering Council (EC), you’ll also be required to pay both the EC’s annual registration and membership fees which are collected by the IHE. View fees

I’m an IHE member with EC registration. Can I transfer my registration to the IHE?

Yes.  If you‘re already registered with the Engineering Council, or have been within the last three years, you can transfer your registration across to us.

Is my Geography degree accepted for IEng?

It depends. Send us copies of your certificate and list of units and all the syllabus details you have. The IHE Academic Standards Panel decides if the degree contains enough science and technology to be deemed acceptable.  If yes, you can top up with further learning and follow the standard review route.  If not, we normally suggest you gain a relevant MSc or an HNC Civils plus 30 degree credits at QCA level H to follow the standard Review route to IEng.  In both cases you may choose to follow the Technical Report Route. BA graduates will need a significant or complex engineering scheme to analyse.

Who can help me find a mentor?

It really is best to identify an engineer at your workplace (perhaps your line manager or an EC-registered engineer colleague) willing to support you. If that’s not possible, please email us and we can provide a back-up to assist you or your mentor.

How can I top up my HND?

The benchmark academic level for Incorporated Engineer is a Bachelor‘s degree in engineering or technology. To gain the equivalent you can:

  • transfer to a BSc engineering or technology course final year
  • take a relevant MSc or Postgraduate Diploma
  • take the UWE Certificate in Traffic Engineering by distance learning.
  • hold the Nottingham Trent University Professional Certificate

Forums FAQs

Do I have to be an IHE member to take part in a forum?

No.  All highways professionals are welcome to take part in any IHE forum but you’ll need to register first. View forums

How do I know if someone has commented on an IHE forum that I have been involved in?

If you’ve been taking part in a forum and you’d like to be notified by email if a comment has been made on the discussion, you’ll need to bookmark the discussion by clicking the ‘star’ button on the top right of the page. Please be aware that email notifications are not sent out automatically

How do I report a technical problem on the IHE Forum?

Please email if you’re experiencing technical issues with any of the IHE Forums.

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