Rotating prism signs and Siespace instation

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Does anyone have any experience of using rotating prism signs controlled by a Siespace instation. Our Traffic Management section plan to buy some and have asked us if we can control them. My initial thoughts are yes but we have no experience with them. At this stage there are 5 manufacturers being asked to tender for the signs - is there anything we should be aware of? My initial thoughts are UTMC compliant and GPRS comms to fit in with our other equipment.


  • Ian

    We have several controlled by our UTC system which is a Siemens brand, we use the SF bit controlled from the V00000 in utc to operate the sign and the SC bit as the sign feedback, the new Gemini GPRS O.T.U would work ok for this unless you can connect the sign to an existing set of trafifc signals and then use its O.T.U without any additional cost unless you upgraded it as part of the scheme.
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