Toucan in one direction only

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Does anyone know if you are allowed to have a toucan in one direction only, i.e. with toucan nearside indicators on one side of the road and puffin nearside indicators in the other?

The reason for this is that the client requests toucan crossing facilities to get cyclists round a difficult corner on a one-way system.

I've seen one of these in Edinburgh (I think it was on Nicholson St) but don't know if it was authorised or if Edinburgh just put it in anyway!


  • Given that Scotland has devolved powers they may have their own authorisation for it but I doubt it as it would enable a cyclist to legally be on the footway on the Toucan side but when it gets to the other it would be illegal to be on the footway on the Puffin side, it would seem easier to make both sides Toucan.

    TSRGD 2002 Direction 55 is clear about what signals can be placed in conjunction with another and it does not permit what you are describing.
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