Tungsten halogen lamps - EU phasing out
  • A recent report in the Daily Express warned that the EU are now planning to ban any halogen lamp over 10watts.
    I checked with our contractors and they confirm this to be a distinct possiblity and are waiting on further advice
    from their suppliers.

    While we are now using LED units where possible, we still have more than 20K aspects to maintain in Surrey alone.
    Anybody out there got any more information on this?

  • Here's the article.
    Looks like they're just banning downlighters at the moment but where will it all stop?
  • I agree Ian - and can now advise further.
    Still to be confirmed, but it would seem that ALL filament lamps above 10W are to be phased out by 2015.
    This may seem a long time away - but just 2-3 years to replace ALL aspects with LED?
    Somebody had better find me some money.
  • I can't find the source at the moment, but I'm pretty sure this rule (and the previous one) only applies to domestic lamps. Hence you can still buy 100 W tungsten filament bulbs pretty much anywhere if you buy industrial quality ones.

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