Wide base poles and nearside signals

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Can I ask how many people are utilising wide base poles with nearside signals and if their installation teams are having difficulty fitting them. Also it would be useful to know what size poles are being used and whether passive safe or not. Many thanks Mark


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    We are currently having a nearsided toucan installed with 168 diameter wide base poles this initially raised questions from the installers as we had specified combined units. Their solution was to install seperate units with the pushbutton installed on the wide based section and the toucan indicator mounted above on the standard diameter section. It looks a bit odd as the button sticks out further but is perfectly functional.

  • I also use 168 steel wide based poles here, with combined units mounted on the 114mm section. This usually puts the pushbutton 1.1m above the footway, either by using a deep NAL socket, or by cutting the wide base down to suit.
  • Thanks both for your comments, hopefully will see some more comments come through.
  • A few years ago we installed a series of junctions and crossings with nearside signals on 168mm wide based poles. Next time you're in London take a stroll down Wandsworth Road from Vauxhall... or use Street View:,-0.128274&spn=0,0.05476&z=15&layer=c&cbll=51.479935,-0.128256&panoid=P9rcIOOzdKq7Ktl3op9YKQ&cbp=12,186.36,,0,10.79

    When planted to 600mm depth, the 114mm section of pole begins at 1m above ground level, so the nearside units fit quite nicely at the standard height. The combined units JUST fit on the short 2m poles, although they can look a bit odd.

    No experience with passively safe poles I'm afraid.
  • Sapa Pole Products offer a full range of standard and passive safe signal poles with low level access doors. Attached you will find photos of a passive site in Cardigan installed by Siemens. As you will see there are numerous push buttons and near side indicators included in the scheme.

    Please contact me on 07595 781667 or for futher information
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