114mm Traffic Signal Pole with Low Access door

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Just wondering if anyone has used any of the new 114mm Traffic Signal poles with access doors and if so what there thoughts were?


  • I looked at one the other day on an all Siemens ELV site. Quality is ok, but it gets very crowded if there are more than 2-3 cables. This isn't helped by the perspex cover which fits quite snugly over the terminal blocks. The cover fits well, and appears to weatherproof the opening effectively. Not sure if there is enough room to terminate LV armoured cables neatly, as the terminal blocks do take up a lot of space. I'll post some pictures if I'm up that way again.
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    As far as I'm aware there are three different types of poles designed to move pole-top terminations down to a low level access door:

    1. Standard 114mm pole with small laser-cut access door.
    The woeful lack of space inside these poles makes life very difficult when accessing the terminals, even where only one or two armoured cables are required. We now only use these for 'demountable' poles, where the door is only used to access the plug and socket to disconnect the cables to the pole cap.

    2. "Wide Based Pole" - 168mm lower section, 114mm upper section.
    We have deployed these with some success out of town. A specially-designed hinged terminal assembly swings out for access, and works nicely with flexible (stranded) cabling. One issue could be condensation and corrosion, so we are monitoring moisture levels, and trying vented pole tops.

    3. "Low Level Access Pole" from Siemens/NAL
    114mm pole - so it fits in a Retention Socket - but with a low level "bulge" that creates more space for the terminations. Typically used with the NAL plastic terminal enclosure that pulls out for access. We haven't tried these.

    Cost, aesthetics, and other issues, have prevented us from deploying any of the solutions as standard. The density of cabling at LV sites means they will probably be preferred at ELV sites.

    Hope this is of some help.
  • Given the grief I get from the installers over using 168 wide based poles, I should think I will be thrown in the nearest inspection pit (one of the larger ones at any rate) if I used 114's.
  • Have you looked at the 140mm widebase poles and NAL's. We installed some at ELV sites in Huddersfield when I worked for Kirklees to try and reduce the time spent working at height.
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    Sapa Pole Products offer a range of signal poles with low level , flush fitting access doors. Standard 4&6m poles have a top diameter of 145mm, but a base diamater of 114mm to enable installation into the standard 115mm retention socket. This is achieved by a tapering of the pole below the access door. I have attached some photos of a recent Siemens installation in Cardigan using these poles.
    All the poles are guaranteed for a minimum of fifty years in the ground, are manufactured from a minimum of 95% recycled material and are 100% recyclable at the end of their effective life.
    If anyone would like any further details please contact me on 07595 781667 or
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