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This is my first post to the forum, I am being asked by our 'urban designers' to install a new junciton using Aluminium poles.

Does anyone have any experience of using these, particularly with regard to any issues with galvanic corrosion between the pole, and the steel brackets and fixings? Could you run the risk of creating a bimetallic cell, which wouldrapidly accelerate corrosion, the site is next to the sea, the salt air will form a great electrolyte!




  • You may want to consider using the plastic head brackets from PTC with these, although I think they still use standard steel 'U' bolts.
  • As long as the fixings you use are of stainless steel you will not have a problem as there is no reaction between aluminium and stainless steel
  • On the same subject, is anyone able to share their experiences with Sapa aluminium poles? Siemens have thrown a spanner in the works by saying that they shouldn't be used with pushbuttons due to there being no crash testing of them with pushbuttons. However, this seems like a marketing strategy to me rather than a genuine safety concern, as I just don't see that pushbutton units are going to fly around if a pole gets walloped. Also, I've been told that there are no passive safety requirements to prove what happens with a pushbutton in the case of a collision. Does anyone have any thoughts they would care to air? Thanks
  • We've used them quite a lot now, and agree that I can't see any reason how pbu's would affect anything in the event of a collision. I would recommend though, that you use the 114mm dia pole that tapers up to 145mm dia instead of 120mm, as this leaves enough room to get the "u" bolts in and the cable to the pbu. You'll also need to consider orientation of the pole and its level to ensure the pbu doesn't clash with the door aperture on the pole.
  • Like Alistair we have used a lot of the Sapa poles. Siemens raised similar concern regarding the poles with pushbutton on them although other companies tendering seemed to accept the manufacturers assurances. It appears that Siemens remain "risk adverse" to anything non siemens.

    One issue we have had regarding these poles however relates to the wrap around style PBU's. These appear to be designed to fit around a 114 O/D pole and when applied to the larger diameter poles suffer with a lack of effective seal to the pole. We had a particularly difficult site which had constant water ingress problems into the expensive puffin indicators. Mark fom AGD has been good in visiting the site and looking into the issue and seeking a solution.

    The problem may be increased by an other issue which seems to affect aluminium pole more than steel which is condensation. Even with vented pole caps fitted a problem of condensation forming inside the poles has caused some issues for us resulting in remiedial works to deal with water related problems. All that said however, they remain currently my preference.
  • Regarding the water ingress, I have a ring of mastic put round the holes prior to finally seating the PBU and it's gasket to the pole.
  • AGD are currently in active discussions with the pole manufacturer to develop a solution.
  • If you are installing a pole with a diameter greater than 140mm, ie 145 diameter, the most simple solution is to request a second gasket from the push button supplier, ie AGD etc
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