reduced green man times

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SURVEYOR is running a news item

That cites a significant reduction in green man times at TfL sites with no apparent reduction in safety.
Anyone seen a copy of the report mentioned?
(Nothing on the TRL site although there is a report on “The effect of traffic signal strategies on the safety of pedestrians” which is free to download, which might be of interest)



  • Is this the report?
  • Certanly looks like it Peter (and dare I say confirms what I was saying @ TCUG on Wednesday about the importance of "users2 uploading standards, reportys that we might all find interesting/usefull!)

    as a "summary" of the report it seems comprehensive but for completness if any one from TfL is reading could "we2 have sight of the original report?

  • I think this is what you want Tony, only 128 pages

    I got hold of these links because I have subscribed to - it has a lot of useful stuff on it, not just relevant to London, and you don't have to be in London to subscribe.
  • Thats great Peter thanks for tracking it down! didn't think to look at the Londonstreetworks site! (which as you say has a lot of "stuff" on it.
    But isn't it "disapointing" that we "users" outside of the capital had to track this down AFTER it appeared in SURVEYOR??
    would have made a great paper for JCT!

    (yes I know I want the moon on a stick me!)

  • Gents - apologies for not posting on this topic at the time, please appreciate the political pressures. Some works are easier to publish than others. Especially when you're not the person calling the shots.
  • Hi There,

    Trying to track down this document - can anyone point me in right direction or forward me a copy.

    Many Thanks

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