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Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

September 12, 2017

Notice is hereby given that an EGM of the members of the Institute of Highway Engineers will be held at the IHE offices, floors 32-34, 286 Euston Road, London on 18 October 2017 at 16:45 hours to consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following resolutions:

 ‘To adopt the following amendments to the Memorandum & Articles of Association (Constitution) of The Institute of Highway Engineers’

‘Article 15 – To replace the existing Article 15 with a new Article 15’
‘Council will maintain Registers of Professionals in the following technical areas, Road Safety  Auditors, Winter Service Decision Makers, Highway Maintenance, Development Management, Road Safety Engineering, Traffic Sign Design, Cycling Infrastructure, Traffic Signal Control, Temporary Traffic Management Engineer, and shall consist of IHE Members, and members of organisations of the equivalent standing as the IHE, who meet the requirements, terms and conditions of registration as defined in Regulations agreed by Council. Anyone admitted to the Register at Certificate, Diploma or Expert level shall be authorised to use the title REGISTERED ROAD SAFETY AUDITOR, WINTER SERVICES DECISION MAKER, HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE ENGINEER, DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT ENGINEER, ROAD SAFETY ENGINEER, TRAFFIC SIGN DESIGNER, CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGNER, TRAFFIC SIGNAL ENGINEER, or TEMPORARY TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT ENGINEER and the abbreviated designation RegRSA(IHE), RegWSDM(IHE), RegHME(IHE), RegDME(IHE), RegRSE(IHE), RegTSD(IHE), RegCID(IHE), RegTSE(IHE) or RegTTME(IHE).’

The effect of the proposed amendments will be to allow holders of IHE Professional
Certificates and Diplomas Members and those who are listed on the register of professionals to be entitled to use the appropriate post nominals.

Media Enquiries

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